Oaks Medical Practice

Barrhead Health & Care Centre, 213 Main Street, Barrhead, G78 1SW

Seasonal Flu Vaccination

The seasonal flu vaccination is now available. If you are over 65 years of age or are under 65 years of age and have been diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease or are currently pregnant then please contact the Practice to arrange an appointment.

Public Holidays

The Practice will be closed all day on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th December 2019. We shall re-open at 9.00am on Friday 27th December 2019. We shall also be closed all day on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd January 2020. We shall re-open at 9.00am on Friday 3rd January 2020. If you have a medical emergency when the Practice is closed during the festive period please contact NHS 24 by phoning 111.

Know who to turn to

Know when and where to get the right help for health issues in the Levern Valley area. When you contact the Practice our receptionist staff may ask you for more details.  This is to allow us to try to help you access the most appropriate help for the quickest treatment possible. For more information please click on the following link   www.knowwhototurnto-eastren.co.uk

Pharmacy First

This is a new service being run by local pharmacies. Women aged 16-65 with uncomplicated urine infection symptoms and patients with minor skin infections such as impetigo can be treated by a pharmacist without having to see a GP. For more information see your local pharmacist or visit: www.nhsggc.org.uk/patients-and-visitors/know-who-to-turn-to/pharmacist/pharmacy-first/#

Automated Patient Check-in

We now have an automated check-in facility.  When you attend the Practice for your GP or nurse appointment you can check in yourself simply and quickly by pressing a few buttons on the touch screen located on the wall just before our reception desk.  The screen is simple to use (please choose the correct button when selecting your date of birth, eg for 10th of the month please select 10 and not 1 and 0.)  Once you have completed your check-in successfully there is no need to report to the reception desk.